Everything You Need To Know About Real Money Slots

Real money slots are the most popular activity in casinos around the world, and that is why there are so many different versions of them. People who want to play something which is both entertaining and uncomplicated have two choices – going to the nearest pub and playing fruit machines, or going to an online casino and playing slots for real money without having to leave their house.

Due to the recent development of technologies, many people like to play real money slots from their homes, and we can see why – many online casinos offer a great opportunity to play slots for real money. Real money slots are one of the most popular activities for casinos to profit of, so it makes sense that they would have such a wide variety of games, including 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, classic slot variations, multi-payline slots, and others.

You can win money by playing real money slots on the Internet just like you could when playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. In fact, the chance of winning more money is bigger when you play online due to the promotional offers and bonuses provided by some casinos.

We decided to create this article in order to help people learn about the pros and cons of both choices and why should they try out online casinos if they have not already. For those of you who are eager to try it out instantly, we can recommend going to our reviews page and picking a website that suits your needs. All of the online casinos that we review are licensed and regulated by proper authorities, so you can be sure that the outcome of the games is completely random and fair.

Real Money Online Slots Software

Playing slots from your home is no longer a dream thanks to online casinos

We think it is important that people know about the differences in software between brick-and-mortar casinos and online ones. The development companies that make the software for those who play slots for real money provide their customers with many options.

For example, playing slots from your home is no longer a dream thanks to online casinos. The rapid development of technology means that gamblers can use their mobile devices to place bets at online casinos.

Developers are spending a lot of time on improving the mobile versions of their slot games so that they could match the visual representation and entertaining gameplay of the desktop version. The constant improvement in graphics, colors, animations, and sounds means that the rift between the two versions is getting smaller and smaller.

Real Money Slots on Mobile Phones and Tablets

You can play real money slots on different mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices with an Android or iOS operating system.

Thanks to the technological advances in recent years, customers expect to have a choice of the games they can play and the location where they can play them. That is why software developers created mobile slots which improve the gambling experience massively, and are way more convenient than the traditional ways of playing slot machines.

Bonuses when Playing Mobile Real Money Slots

Bonuses are one of the main ways to provide initiative for players to sign up with betting websites when playing real money slots online. Here are the different bonus types available:

Sign-up Bonus

The most common bonus that you will see offered by online casinos to real money slots players is the sign-up bonus which is given to gamblers who create a new account with the casino. That is a good way to attract new customers and show them that they are valued there.

Basic Bonus

There are all round bonuses and can be given for almost anything, for example, special seasonal bonuses for different holidays. They could come up at any given time, so we advise our readers to check for them in the promotions section of the casino site.

Reload Bonus

This type of bonus is a percentage of the initial deposit, and their primary task is to entertain players and make them stay for a longer period of time and play more.

Referral Bonus

Many casinos choose to give their customers different slot bonuses when they refer a friend. That way both the casino and the players benefit – the casino gets an additional customer, and the player receives money for his efforts.

Pros of Playing Real Money Slots Online

Most experienced gamblers probably already know about the numerous advantages that online casinos have over their land-based counterparts, for example, you do not have to travel to a casino to play slots because you can do that from the comfort of your home or your mobile device when you are on the go.

Another huge positive that online casinos have are the opening bonus you can claim when you create a new account. That is not available at traditional casinos, so make sure to take advantage of these bonuses if you decide to play real money slots online. You can also benefit from the wider variety of games that you can find at Internet casinos. There are not any brick-and-mortar casinos that we know of that can offer their customers more than 500 machines to their clients. However, at online casinos, that is a very common occurrence.

These are just some of the advantages that Internet casinos have, but the biggest one is probably the RTP percentage. RTP is short for “Return to Player” and represents the long-term rate that the gambler receives from the money wagered on real money slots. The bigger this percentage is, the better chances a player has of winning. The RTP is much higher at online casinos (mostly around 94%), so you will have bigger winnings than at brick-and-mortar casinos where this percentage is around 85%. If you are a serious player who is looking to make some money from online gambling, then the choice is pretty obvious.

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos – A Part of the Past?

Playing real money slots at land-based casinos

Some of our older readers probably remember the time when they were young and playing real money slots at land-based casinos. People usually had different reasons for going to the casino – they knew a funny guy, who was always there, or they had a favorite machine that they loved to play.

Of course, they would probably hate to admit it, but it is almost certain that they did not have too much success at the end of the night. We know that feeling when you think that the win is waiting just around the corner after investing so money into a machine, only to see someone else reaping the benefits from it moments after you get up.

There is also a very high probability that you had some big wins now and then, so it is not only bad memories. Most people were attracted to the big jackpots offered by some slot machines. Arcades are another gaming form which brings good memories from the past for many people. People loved these games because they had flashing lights and exciting sounds, which enhanced the gambling experience and provided more fun. Sometimes people just go to the arcades to watch other people play and giving them advice in the hope that they would share their winnings. Here are some of the terms used by fruit machine players:

  • AWP

    It is short for Amusement with Prizes and describes games where there is a predetermined payout. It is important to differentiate between fruit machines and regular video games which are amusing but offer no prizes.

  • SWP

    SWP, also known as Skill with Prizes, can be found next to fruit machines in bars. Quiz machines are such machines where you have to use your skill if you want to win some money. The difficulty is controlled by the device itself and depends on the last time that you won a prize.

  • Backing

    Some gamblers look for machines that are full by waiting to hear the sound of the dollar dropping into the back of the machine. You need to be careful when deploying that tactic because this sound could also mean that the device has been refilled recently.

  • CL Indicator

    The CL indicator stands for “cash low” and can be seen on some of the older models. Experienced players usually stay away from machines that have a glowing CL Indicator because they probably will not win there.

  • Emptier

    Older machines had some bugs which were exploited by seasoned gamblers who emptied out the machines altogether. However, since then it has been fixed by software updates.

  • Streak

    Machines with lower payout rates usually streaked – that means they paid out a lot of money in a relatively short time period.

Real Money Online Slots vs. Fruit Machines

Some fruit machines have hidden features

Some people confuse these two game types because they do not know that they are not the same, but you need to know the differences which are noticeable for people who have played both varieties. The biggest difference between the two is that fruit machines require skill and slots usually reward depending on the interaction. Some fruit machines have hidden features which you can see below.

Hold After Nudge

When you receive nudges that are not enough for you to win, two similar nudge symbols will appear. The machine will offer holds, but you should ignore it and push start so that you can receive your winnings.

Hold After Win

This happens relatively rare, but when the hold button on a machine flashes for a short period of time after a win and then stops, you can press the three hold buttons for a repeat of your win.

Hold 3 Times

If the third holds symbol does not appear after the first two when you have received holds, then you will win during the third hold.

Machine Goes Red

This hidden feature is very exciting because if the letters on the back of the machine turns red, then you are sure to win the jackpot. All that you have to do is press start and wait for the jackpot to pop up.

Win Below/Win Above

Another rare feature which shows up if you have a successful combination above or below the win line. The hold buttons will probably flash shortly, so you need to hold all the reels and push start when this happens.

Spare/Cancel Button Flashing

If a fruit machine has an additional button with the manufacturer logo on it, it can sometimes flash, so if you press it, then it can either slow down bonuses or act as a cancel button.

Most people think that since you do not need to have any skill to play online slots - that automatically makes them a boring game. We would disagree because real money slots offer a much higher payout than your regular machine in a bar which has a payback percentage of around 75% and it heavily depends on where the slot machine is (a bar, club, or ferry). On the other hand, real money slots on the Internet offer you a payback percentage of 95%, so you can see how big the difference is.

Another advantage of the real money online slots is that they are not standalone machines and can offer progressive jackpots, unlike fruit machines which are independent.

Players who have a lot of gambling experience can tell you that the skill level of fruit machines is somethings which players invent themselves, so it is not a significant factor because machines have a pattern which is decided beforehand. That is why many people prefer betting on real money online slots instead of fruit machines.

Types of Real Money Slots

There are numerous different variations of real money slots on the internet, so we decided to tell you more about the most popular game types.

Video Slots

All of the reels are computer generated, so most modern slot games can be categorized here, even those which take place in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Multiplier Slots

The multiplier symbol is located on at least one reel and shows you the multiplier for your payout which can be a number such as 2X, 5X, 10X, or even higher.

Multiple Payline Slots

These are real money slots that have multiple lines on which you can place a wager. Each line counts as a different bet, so gamblers can invest a lot of money in using all of the paylines. The most common number is twenty, although some games can have up to one hundred paylines.

Bonus Game Slots

You can find bonus game slots at many online casinos because they attract a lot of gamblers who want to make quick bucks. The chief concept of these bonus slots is to hit a particular number of symbols which triggers the bonus round. The symbols are different for each slot game, for example, sometimes you will have to pick between many objects to win a prize, or play something more complicated which requires more effort.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

This is added to the standard multiplier slot and includes another bonus symbol which can further increase your winnings.

Progressive Slot

A small part of wagers placed on progressive slot machines are added to the prize pool for the jackpot which always gets bigger and bigger. Then, you can see the amount of that prize by looking at the top part of the game. When someone wins a jackpot, the process begins all over again with a predetermined value. Usually, you will need to place a maximum bet if you want to win the progressive, but sometimes it is just a randomized process.

Buy a Pay

Buy a Pay machines offer many pay tables, and you can gain access to one with each coin that you bet. So the chances of you winnings something increase proportionally to the time that you play, which makes this slot machine more expensive than others. You usually will not be able to find Buy a Pay games at online casinos.

Multi-denominations Slots – With this, you can choose the exact number that you want to bet instead of using a fixed money denomination. The amount varies between a penny and one hundred dollars, but you can go even higher if you want to.

Make sure to read our page dedicated to all the different casino slot types

Real Money Slots Features

The winning reel combinations are not the only thing which online slots offer to their customers. There are also special items which serve the purpose of providing additional entertainment for the gamblers. Here are some of the most popular features which can be found at real money slots:

Free Spins

 You can get free spins by triggering specific symbols, and usually your winnings get multiplied.

These spins are free, so you do not have to pay anything for them. You can get free spins by triggering specific symbols, and usually your winnings get multiplied.

Gamble Feature

This feature is especially popular in the UK and lets you double your winnings if you choose the correct color of a card. Of course, if you pick the wrong color, then you will lose your winnings.

Bonus Symbol

The bonus symbol can be either a bonus game or a free spin.

Wild Symbol

A symbol which acts as the joker card in some poker games because it replaces other symbols and can give you a bigger chance of winning.

Scatter Symbol

Other symbols need to be in a particular order so that you can with, but scatter symbols can give you money regardless of their location on the screen.

Multiplier Symbol

The multiplier symbols are used to increase your winnings by a specific multiplier.

As you can see, the payouts offered when playing real money online slots get bigger and bigger. Many brick-and-mortar and online casinos are dependent on slots because they bring in a lot of profit, so it is important for them to keep customers happy by providing different initiatives such as bonuses or promotional offers. That is why if you want to try out online betting, we would recommend you to begin with slots.

Online slots rely heavily on luck, so you will have a hard time trying to beat casinos at their own game. The only option you are left with is to take advantage of all the bonuses and promotions so that you can minimize the house edge of the casino. You should have a dedicated bankroll and decide how much money you are going to stake depending on the limit of your bankroll. The payback percentage at dollar machines is 95%, which is impressive when compared to quarter machines (93%) and nickel machines (90%).

You can test out different machines when playing real money online slots, which can help you decide if you want to play further at that machine or switch to another one.

Our suggestion is to look for higher denomination machines with payout percentages varying between 95% and 99%. These machines are best for people who want to play slots so that they can make a profit.

You can find bigger payouts at flat rate machines because RNG (random number generators) have more spins and reels on progressive slots, which means that flat rates are slower and offer more money.

A good strategy advice is to play the maximum allowed number of coins during each spin if you want to maximize your winnings when playing slots. If that is not an option for you, then you should search for games which have more stable returns. That means that it returns the same amount for two played coins and double the amount for one played coin.

The best tip that you can receive is to quit while you are ahead. Greed is always dangerous when gambling, especially when you are on a winning streak. Most of the time, your winnings will turn into money for the casino if you continue playing, which is not ideal.

Slots were created in America, but due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, online gaming was banned in the States. There are only a few online casinos which operate in the country, and for them, slots are the main providers of profit.

Because the laws are not so strict anymore, Americans can find much more online casinos than before, so it is still possible to play real money slots on the Internet.

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