Everything You Need To Know About Casino Slot Machines Bonuses

People who have played fruit machines at brick-and-mortar casinos will not have any problems with casino slot machines bonuses. In fact, those gamblers will be pretty impressed after seeing the different online slots bonuses provided by the casinos.

The house edge for online slots is pretty large and varies between 3% and 6%, so if the gambler is not hugely successful, then he will most likely lose all of his money. That is why it is important to look at casino slot machines bonuses – they can be the boost you need in order to enjoy the games for a longer period of time. Also, these slot bonuses can help you defeat the house edge and balance things out – thus giving you a better chance at winning.

Online Casino Slots Bonus

The best casino slot machines bonuses will give you a chance to play longer and will also allow you to play high limit slots by depositing a low sum at the beginning.

Casinos offer different advantages for people who play online slots for real money. For example, the best thing about playing at an online casino is receiving not only special slot bonuses but also taking advantage of the bigger payback percentage. That is one of their greatest strengths. Online casinos usually offer a much more significant payback percentage than Las Vegas casinos. For example, if Vegas slots pay back 80%, then the same game will pay back at least 90% in an online casino. The slots in Vegas have small payback percentages, so you win less money there than at other casinos.

Types of Slot Bonuses

The hardest part about casino slot machines bonuses are the strict rollover requirements that you must fulfill. There are many slot games available, and the house edge is relatively high, so it is even harder for gamblers to meet these requirements. Some people try to use a strategy, but slots are a game of luck, so there is not much use to that.

Fortunately, casino slot machines bonuses are there to negate the effect of the house edge and give you a better chance of succeeding. Also, you can probably find slot bonuses which do not have such a high rollover requirement.

These casino slot machines bonuses have a lower playthrough requirement

Cashable Bonuses

These casino slot machines bonuses have a lower playthrough requirement than the one for table games, but it is still there. Also known as pre-wager slot bonuses, they have the potential of offering profits because of the standard betting requirements.

They are one of the most common forms of casino slot machines bonuses due to their simplicity. You can withdraw the bonus after fulfilling the requirements which are defined by the casino.

That is the main reason why gamblers have to read the terms and conditions of a particular bonus at the online casino before deciding to opt in. Often you will find limiting conditions, for example, having to rollover the bonus a couple of times before being able to withdraw money.

 There are also casinos which have sticky bonuses without rollover requirements

Sticky Bonuses

Another casino slots bonus which has some gambling requirement, but you can still make a profit by finding slot bonuses with little demands. There are also casinos which have sticky bonuses without rollover requirements, but if a gambler wins a huge jackpot, then the casino probably will not allow a full withdrawal or any withdrawal at all.

That is essentially a sticky bonus – you can use it when gambling, but you cannot withdraw it. There are a number of sticky bonus types, for example, the most popular one is the “phantom” sticky bonus which is implemented by many of the big software groups. Less popular variations are used by smaller casinos and software providers.

The “phantom” bonus is instantly credited to your account

“Phantom” Sticky Bonuses

This is the most popular version of the sticky bonuses, and it is deployed by some of the most famous brands in the casino and gambling industry like Microgaming, RTG, and Playtech.

The “phantom” bonus is instantly credited to your account, and you can start using it for making bets, but when you decide to withdraw money, the bonus is not available for withdrawal.

Many people think that this bonus is useless because it is virtual money, but we tend to disagree. Even though there are some limits when withdrawing, you can still wager the bonus and increase your winnings. That way, even if you lose, you do not have to pay anything from your bankroll.

There are less big slot bonuses provided by smaller casinos and software developers

Other Casino Slot Machines Bonuses

We said earlier that there are less big slot bonuses provided by smaller casinos and software developers like Parlay, Grand Virtual, Chartwell, and Wager21.

They use a variation of the sticky bonus which has some additional conditions. The first difference is that the bonus stays in your account after you make a withdrawal, so that means you can cash out your winnings and deposit after completing the requirements. You can also use the bonus to make bets. The second difference is that if your bonus balance suffers due to losses, then you can instantly cash out the winnings that are left in your account. There is no need to have a larger bankroll than your initial one.

The first gaming software company to introduce clearplay bonuses is Microgaming

Free Play and Clearplay Bonuses

The first gaming software company to introduce clearplay bonuses is Microgaming. Their customers could withdraw the winnings at any given time, but only if they met the betting requirements for the bonus. In a way, the Clearplay bonus resembles the sticky one. When the betting requirements are met, you can withdraw your bonus as cash.

Some of the more modern casinos employ a different variation of this bonus which requires the gambler to play through the amount, especially if it is a welcome bonus. There is also a bonus system called the eZ bonus system, and most Microgaming based casinos use it.

You can also benefit from free welcome slot bonuses provided by Microgaming casinos. Usually, there is a version of the bonus in which you receive your winnings along with the initial deposit after the cash-out.

A player can receive some of his losses back thanks to the cashback bonus

Cashback Bonuses

A player can receive some of his losses back thanks to the cashback bonus. That way he receives money only if he loses over a designated period of time. There are no waging requirements, so some people enjoy them more when playing slot machines.

If you cash out this bonus very early, then it is almost the same as the Clearplay and sticky bonuses. The formula for calculating the average gain on this type of bonus is subtracting the Average Wagering multiplied by House Edge from the Bonus multiplied by Chance of Bust.

Casinos with the Best Online Slots Bonus

As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right casino bonus depends on the person who is betting because each individual gambler has different preferences. The casinos that we have reviewed offer some of the best casino slot machines bonuses, but you need to decide which one will allow you to play your favorite games and fulfill the rollover requirements.

If slots are your thing, then we would recommend looking for casinos which have a decent online slots bonus for you. The same applies to games like blackjack, roulette, video poker, and many others. Usually, you will find that different casinos have various bonuses for each game.

Slot players seem to like free spins because they allow them to test the casino game before playing with real money, plus they can also win something without risking their funds.

Best Online Slots Bonuses

  • Casino
  • Slots
  • License
  • Features
  • Details
  • Bonus
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Casinos and Features



UK Gambling Commission License #39225

  • mobile
  • vip
  • live
  • instant
  • Huge Game Selection
  • High Quality Games
  • Live Games Available
up to €300*

+100 Free Spins

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888 Casino


UK Gambling Commission License #39028

  • mobile
  • vip
  • live
  • instant
  • Huge Game Selection
  • Awesome Design
  • Rich Promotions Section
up to $100*

+120 Free Spins

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UK Gambling Commission License #39435

  • mobile
  • vip
  • live
  • instant
  • Huge Game Selection
  • Playtech Games
  • Live Games Available
up to $100 bonus*
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Mr Green


UK Gambling Commission License #39264

  • mobile
  • vip
  • live
  • instant
  • Huge Game Selection
  • NetEnt Games
  • Live Games Available
up to $100 bonus*

+20 Free Spins

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UK Gambling Commission License #39430

  • mobile
  • vip
  • live
  • instant
  • Huge Game Selection
  • Biggest Game Variety
  • Live Games Available
$32 free,

for each $20 deposited*

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10 Bet


UK Gambling Commission License #3390

  • mobile
  • vip
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  • instant
  • Huge Game Selection
  • Gamble on the go
  • Live Games Available
up to $1,000 bonus*
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UK Gambling Commission License #39584

  • mobile
  • vip
  • live
  • instant
  • Huge Game Selection
  • Easy to navigate
  • Live Games Available
UP TO $100*

In Bet Credits

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Real Money Casino Slot Machines Bonuses

You can also take advantage of the matched deposit bonus offered by so many casinos

You can also take advantage of the matched deposit bonus offered by so many casinos. Your initial deposit gets matched by the casino, so you have twice the starting amount that you would have had without the bonus. For example, you deposited $200 in your account, and the casino has a 100% deposit bonus, then you receive another $200 which makes the sum in your account equal to $400.

Some casinos even go the extra length to attract new customers and offer bonuses up to 500%. If we use the example from before where you deposit $200, then you will get $1000 with which you can play. Of course, those kinds of bonuses are very rare, and it depends on the casino.

It makes sense that the casinos have a minimum amount that you would need to play before being able to cash out the money and go home. The most common wagering requirement is 20xbonus + 20xdeposit, so if your deposit is $200, then you would need to wager $8000 on slots before being able to withdraw your funds. That is equal to 8000 $1 spins or 1600 5$ spins. The casino expects you to play with the amount they give you before a withdrawal can be made.

Players who like to participate in online slots tournaments can enter them for free, so they do not need to deposit anything at the beginning.

It is hard for some gamblers to fulfill the play-through requirements, so we would advise you to have a lot of patience when opting in for a deposit bonus because the whole process will certainly lead to some frustration.

The main thing you need to remember is that if you manage to win a lot of money when using your bonus, you will probably need another similar win in order to make a cash-out. The casino doubled your money, so you will have to double your winnings to make a withdrawal.

Most high-limit gamblers who are serious about making money do not take the welcome bonuses due to the high rollover requirements, if you want to learn how to play like a pro make sure to read our article dedicated to the subject.

Video Slots Bonuses

If you have only played fruit machines in land-based casino, then you will be left very surprised after reading this article. Those types of games do not offer bonuses, and even if they do, the bonuses themselves are pretty useless like nudges or spin stops.

However, due to the massive technological developments in the recent years, casino software developers offer entertaining games which have amazing graphics, sounds, and bonuses. There is a rise in popularity amongst the casinos' slot machines bonuses, so we will try to tell you more about them here.

Some of the topics discussed here include the innovations brought to you by casino and software operators, and the tremendous progress made by casino slots. In the beginning, there were only free spins bonuses, but now you have a lot more variations when it comes to bonus features. We would even compare them to some of the best modern video games due to the engagement factor and attention to detail. Software developers have introduced you to shooters, arcade games, hidden objects, and many other interesting concepts. The themes for them include movies, wild adventures, romance, humor, and a lot of others.

People who see slots as a recreational activity will inevitably fall in love with all of the exciting bonus games. You can learn more about the bonus games by only looking them up online, or finding them yourselves by playing the game.

However, fun is not the only thing that these bonus games can offer. Real money gamblers who are searching for the biggest jackpots need to pay close attention to them because there are a lot of rewards, for example, free rounds which allow you to get to know the game better. Then, you can start gambling and multiply your winnings by taking advantage of these bonuses. You can cash in a lot easier because luck is not the only thing involved – you also need to create a game plan so that you have a better chance of winning the jackpot. 

We would go so far as to saying that the bonus features of Video Slots will play a big part in the future. Punters want more bonuses, so the software developers are trying to satisfy their need by introducing more exciting games, which possess these bonus features. That includes using 3D animations to make things feel alive, and sounds which can immerse you into the game and provide a better betting experience. These Video Slots are available not only for desktop users but also on mobile devices, which is a huge advantage. 

Free Bonus Slots

Some websites offer a wide variety of free bonus slots, which means that you can play them without signing up, depositing money, or having to enter your personal information. All you need to do is click the play button, and you are ready to be entertained by the various free casino slot games that offer bonus rounds.

Video slots are also hugely popular - mainly the ones which are free and have bonus rounds. Here are some of the most played games in this category:

Winstones Resort and Casino, Miss White, The Naughty List, Carnival Royale, Spirit of the Inca, Gingerbread Lane, Ski Jump, Orc vs Elf, Robyn, Prowling Panther, Ragnarok, The Invisible Man, Yggdrassil The Tree of Life, Apollo Rising, Time Voyagers, Deep Sea Driver, The Elf Wars, Hen House, Small Fortune, Regal Riches, and Shark School.

Of course, there are many other free bonus slots that you can play, but we think that these are the best ones out there.

Pros of Bonus Slots

Not only do you receive more enjoyment out of playing online slots with bonuses, but you can also win more money. People who enjoy playing with real money and want to win the biggest jackpots must know this.

We would recommend trying out free slots with bonus rounds so that you can get accustomed to them before using real money. If you are sure that you like the game, then it is time to start winning.

Another positive of these types of games is the fact that you do not have to rely only on your luck, but also develop your own strategy. Finding the best way to gamble is the most challenging part, and if you succeed, there is a good chance of winning the jackpot.

Many people think that the future of online gambling is in the free video slot machines, and we can see their point of view. Some of the largest betting software development companies have also noticed this trend and are working hard to satisfy the demands of gamblers who only want exciting and entertaining new games.

Bonus Symbols

Some of the free slots have bonus symbols and rounds which have different meanings. Some of the most popular bonus symbols are Wild, Expanding Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Coins, and Scatter.

Multiplier Bonus Symbols

People who encounter the Multiplier Symbol when playing slots should know that they have a bigger chance of winning additional money. Most of the time, beginners do not know what these symbols mean, but they usually learn fast.

If you see a Multiplier Symbol containing an X letter and a number, it means that the number represents how many times your first win is multiplied. For example, the 2X symbol means that your winnings are multiplied by the number two. These symbols usually vary between 2 and 1000.

Base Game Multipliers

These multipliers give players additional free bonus rounds. If a player gets an X5 multiplier, then that means he receives 20 free spins. You can also get a bigger number of paylines.

Wild Multipliers

The Wild Multipliers means that you have a winning line, so if you see this symbol in many lines, then you win. If there is a number which accompanies the multiplier, then your winnings are multiplied by it.

Also, there are multipliers which increase your stake for a particular line or the total game. Many similar symbols increase the chance of winning, and that is why we would advise you to read the rules of the slot game before you jump into playing free online casino slots with bonus rounds.

Popular Bonus Slot Machines Developers

There are a lot of gaming software developers who create slot games each year, and they also update the current titles. Here are the most famous software development companies:

Microgaming have done more than 850 games


This company is located in the Isle of Man and has been around making casino games since 1994. They have done more than 850 games and more than 1200 variations of them. Some of their most popular titles are “Bar Bar Black Sheep,” “Sun Tide,” “”Win Sum Dim Sum,” and “Wild Orient.”

William Interactive have created some of the greatest games in the past few years

William Interactive

WMS have created some of the greatest games in the past few years, including “Amazon Queen,” “Cool Jewels,” “Mad Tea Party,” “Bruce Lee,” and “Aftershook.”

 IGT has created games such as  Ghostbusters and Jeopardy


IGT is short for International Game Technology – a company located in the USA which develops gaming and lottery software. Its history dates back to 1975, and since then IGT has created games such as “Ghostbusters,” “Cats,” “Jeopardy,” “Double Diamond,” and “Golden Goddess.”

Playtech is probably the largest casino game development company in the world


This is probably the largest casino game development company in the world. It was created in 1994 and is responsible for hundreds of slot games which can be found both in online and land-based casinos. They are known for titles like “Ace Ventura,” “Foxy Fortunes,” “Cat Queen,” “Wacky Waters,” “Top Gun,” “Ice Run,” and “Battle of the Gods.”

Why Should You Try Bonus Slot Machines?

First of all, promo slots give you a bigger chance of winning fantastic prizes, something that is not available with regular slots. The different bonuses are indicated by various symbols which represent a bonus type.

Some of these symbols give free spins to players, bonus rounds, and multiple prizes. You can also claim prizes at five reels and vintage machines.

We think that everything we mentioned in the article so far is a reason for you to try out casino slot machines bonuses. The temptation of receiving a bigger chance to win the jackpot or other prizes is irresistible for many gamblers who play promotional slots.

Slot machines have developed quite a lot over the past few years, with things such as bonus free spins, flash wild symbols, multiplier symbols, and free rounds playing a huge role. Video slots came a long way since they were introduced. Nowadays, the graphics are much better, there are more reels, and the sound provides an immersive gambling experience, so it is easy to see why slots are so popular.