FAQ about Casino Slot Machines

We often receive casino questions from people who only want to receive casino slot machine tips and tricks. That is why we have decided to write this slots FAQ. Here you will find answers to questions such as who created the first gambling machine, who created the first electronic slots, and what was the amount of the biggest online progressive jackpot. We will also debunk some slots myths like strategies to win at casinos with progressive betting systems.

Casino Slot Machine Tips and Tricks

Frequently asked questions about casino slots machines.

What is the definition of a flat top slot?

One of the most frequent casino questions that gets overlooked in different slots faq is about flat top slots. Flat slot machines have a fixed jackpot instead of a progressive one. That means the jackpot doesn’t get bigger, which is where the name "flat slots" comes from.

Are there any specific unwritten rules that people must follow regarding reserving machines?

Sometimes, people need to go to the toilet or for a smoke outside, so they leave a coin cup on the seat to reserve the device. Some machines don’t use coins, so people are forced to leave their jacket or another piece of clothing. That means you should respect their stuff and allow them to come back to their machine. If you are the one who has to leave, try to come back as quickly as possible. To be extra sure, you can ask someone to stand next to the machine while you go out. Of course, you should tip the attendant afterward.

I don’t like to receive junk mail. Is it necessary to join a slots club?

To be fair, nobody wants to receive junk mail and advertisements, but joining the slots club has many positives. For example, when you go to the casino, you simply need to sign up to receive a slots card. Before starting your game put the card into the machine. That way each dollar you wager counts, and you will receive bonuses. There are also neat slots club rewards like cash back and comps (free hotel rooms, meals, tickets, or drinks). Of course, that means that you become part of their mailing list, but the emails you receive are actually pretty useful, so we wouldn’t say that they are junk mail. You can also get a small addition to your payback percentage (from one to two percent), so there are many different advantages of joining the slots club.

Can you be a successful slots player by managing your money?

This is one of the most often asked casino questions. Managing your money doesn’t automatically mean that the house edge gets lower, in fact, it’s certain that you won’t get a winning edge over the casino. However, having losing limits and winning goals can be a good thing because you can’t lose everything in one gambling session. Also, if you are fortunate and win, it’s always better to walk away before you lose your winnings. That way you can play longer, but don’t confuse it with having the edge over the casino.

Are online Video Slots scams?

It’s highly unlikely that you will find rigged Video Slot games that are regulated, licensed, and audited by different authorities. A license allows the casino to offer slot games where they still have a house edge, and that makes it very likely for them to make a profit at the end. It doesn’t make sense for them to try to cheat and earn extra money when the risks of getting caught are so high. A casino which was found cheating can lose almost all of their customers in a matter of days. During the early years of online gambling, there were some controversies, but now the organizations and third parties watch online casinos carefully so that they can guarantee the safety of their software. The only problem you can have is if you decide to play at an unregulated gambling website.

Why are people always unsuccessful when playing slots at the airport?

Airport slots are the worst machines you can ever play. Their odds are one of the worst ones in the whole gambling industry. For example, if you go to Las Vegas, there is a huge competition between casinos. However, in the airport, there aren’t other alternatives, and there are many people there who are only waiting for their flight, so they have no other place to go. Their choices of activities are relatively limited – reading a newspaper, drinking at the bar, or going to play some slot machines.

Are all slots regulated?

Those in licensed casinos most definitely are. But that doesn’t mean that the slot machine at your local bar in the USA is.

Who is the creator of slot machines?

The man who created the slot machine is called Charles Fay and even though he lived in San Francisco when he did it, Fey was a German immigrant. The first slot device was called the Liberty Bell.

Progressive jackpots offer more winnings, so why would you ever play something else?

There is an underlying concept of slots gambling – the lower the jackpot, the more payouts a slot machine will provide. More winnings spins don’t necessarily mean that you receive the best odds. Machines which have a large payout provide the money for it by taking most of your money. Some gamblers like machines that pay out more spins, but the size of the payouts is also an important factor. There are 25 and 50 payline devices which make small payments on many spins, but that doesn’t cover your expensed. On the other hand, progressive jackpot slots usually pay out bigger when you win.

How to know when slot machines will payout?

That is one of the biggest myths that exist in the gambling community. In the past, this could have been done by looking at the reels, but nowadays it’s all computer generated, so there’s no point in trying.

What’s the biggest win from a slot machine?

The  biggest win from a slot machine was from a maga moolah game.

In 2009, Mega Moolah Slots gave someone 6,3M euros ($8,2M). The same slot game paid out 5.5 million US Dollars in 2008, so you can see that it’s the best game for those who want to win big jackpots.

What are the slot games that have the best value?

If all other factors are the same, the best slot machines are the ones with higher denominations. It’s obvious that slots which have low payouts will also have the best odds. You need to remember that the size of the jackpot corresponds directly to the house edge. Developers who create the machines want to have a lot of customers, so they try to lure them in however they can. Progressive jackpots are a smart way to do that – many people dream of winning the big one and changing their lives. That’s why casinos are usually allowed to have a higher house edge on those machines. On the other hand, if the progressive jackpot isn’t there, it’s replaced by better odds, so smart gamblers will play those flat-top devices. For those of you looking for the best odds, we suggest giving slot machines with small jackpots a try, but remember to play them using the highest denomination.

Can you increase your winnings by using the Martingale gambling system?

One of the most common things that you will hear when reading different casino slot machine tips and tricks is to use a betting system. Due to the house edge that the casino has in slot games, there aren’t any systems which will guarantee you winnings. Over the long run, the Martingale system is as useless as any other similar strategy. This progressive gambling system means that you double the bet when losing and if you win, you always bet the initial amount.

There are two key factors here – if you win, you are always winning the same amount as your initial bet. However, if you lose a couple of times in a row, then the stakes get bigger and bigger. There are no guarantees that you won’t go on a losing streak, and if you do, then it’s very likely that you will run out of money. The odds for each wager are always the same, so it all comes down to luck in the end.

Who is the manufacturer of the first electric slot?

The company that created and electrical slot machine was Bally in 1963, and it was called Money Honey. However, the first video slot was set up in 1976 by the Fortune Coin company.

What is the best way to outsmart slot machines?

Casino slot machine tips and tricks usually try to tell you how to beat slot machines. We mentioned earlier that systems wouldn't help you much to overcome the high house edge which is greater in slots than in other games like blackjack(more about blackjack) and video poker. However, the payout percentage isn’t always accurate, especially in the short term. However, the longer you play, the bigger the chances of your results matching with the payback percentage. You can play shorter session and pray for good luck before the mathematical side of things takes over. However, slots are very addictive, so this is easier said than done.

Should you only play high denomination slots?

You should, but only if you can afford them. Follow the principle of never betting more than 5% of your bankroll. That number can vary between 1 and 10 percent, but we found that 5 is a good middle ground. Remember, you should always be betting with your disposable income and not with the money for your rent and other living expenses.

After you have decided that high denomination slots are affordable for you, then you should play them due to the better odds that the casinos offer to high-stakes punters.