How to win at casino slot machines

The primary purpose of this article is to show you how to win at slots. We will do that by giving you useful slot machine tips and debunking some myths about strategies.

The games at many casinos have the so called house edge which means that the casino has an advantage against the player, which is measured in percent. Many casinos show customers their payout rates so that they can gain new players.

Slot machines usually have a house edge that starts at 0.1% and can go very high. For example, loose machines can pay out 99.9%, while tight machines aren’t so generous with a payback percentage between 85% and 80%.

How to win at casino slot machines

Gamblers need to have a solid gambling strategy if they want to have a chance against slot machines. However, it’s tough to do that, especially when playing slots. Despite that, there are some slot machines tips which will help you receive a bigger payback percentage and thus extend your playtime on the slots.

Slots are amongst the most beloved luck games at the moment, so you need to know two main slot machine tips – have a fixed bet strategy and a progressive bet strategy.

The former means that you bet the same amount during the whole time you play. The latter is the opposite – your bet is different each time and depends on the outcome of your last spin. Experts say that the progressive bet strategy is more successful when you play on one machine for a longer period. You can use it for a number of playlines or the multiplier.

We already said that a strategy can't save you from losing, but by following our slot machine tips you can extend the playing time and minimize your losses.

How Slot Machines Work

Before you start to play on slot machines, you need to know some things about how they function. Most slots will have a Random Number Generator which decides the winners by picking random numbers that represent when the reel will stop after you spin it.

As you probably guessed by the name, the process is completely random, so you can’t predict the outcome beforehand. You also need to know that each spin you make is independent of the previous one, so the results aren’t affected by that.

Finally, always remember that the casino has an advantage over you even if there is a Random Number Generator. That’s why when you play for a long time, the casino will always win. Of course, that means that you may be able to snatch away something in the short run, but you need a decent strategy that works.

Slot Machine Tips that Aren’t Helpful

Not so helpful tips.

There are so many tips on how to win at slots on the internet, but not all of them are useful. Even if they make sense at the beginning, if you begin to test them – everything falls apart.

One of the most popular strategies that don’t work is the zig zag system. The concept behind it is that you look for a pattern by comparing the reels of different slot machines. This strategy states that if you see a V or an X shape with the same symbol, then this machine will pay out soon.

You should know by now that the symbols are just for entertainment, so this strategy makes no sense at all. We already mentioned that each spin is independent of the previous one, and the concept of a machine that is ready to pay out doesn’t exist.

Another popular tip on how to win at slots is by using money management systems. However, this is another concept which simply doesn’t work. The main idea is that you assign a loss limit and win goals so that you can minimize your losses if the machine gets cold and to maximize your wins when the machines are hot.

We already debunked the concept of hot and cold machines, so it actually doesn’t matter if you use a money management system. Many authors who write books about gambling strategies use methods that should be able to predict when a slot machine is cold or hot.

One of these methods is also known as “the straight 60.” The main principle here is that you leave the machine after you have won or lost 60% of your total bankroll. Also, if you have made nine pulls in a row and haven’t won anything, you should also walk away from the device.

Even though the concept is easy to remember and implement, that doesn’t mean you will win or lose more by using this strategy. The odds always remain the same.

Another one of those useless slot machine tips is to implement the “play and run” system which states that you can’t play more than five or ten minutes at one slot machine. That’s why you have to divide your bankroll into the appropriate amounts for five or 10-minute sessions. We still struggle to see how anyone can think that this strategy will help answer the question: "How to win at slots?"

Useful Slot Machine Tips

After we have told you about some of the slot machines tips that don’t work, it’s time to focus on those that do and will, in fact, help you increase your profits. Here are some of the most important slot machine tips on how to win at slots:

Play For Fun

Even though you can’t overcome the house edge, that doesn’t mean that gambling can’t be fun – you just need to adjust expectations. If you go into it and expect to lose most of the time, things become much easier. All you need to do is enjoy the experience.

Join Slots Clubs

Many casinos have different initiatives to keep their customers happy like bonuses, rewards, and rebates. You usually receive a card which can be put into the slot machine. That way the casino tracks your gambling activity so that they can give you a bonus which is a percentage of the amount you spent. Some people say that you win less when you are playing with the slot card, but this is just a myth, and we advise you not to trust it.

Useful tops for slot players.

Avoid progressive jackpots

Even though the jackpots on progressive slots are large sums, you will find that the other payouts aren't very impressive. Of course, there is a reason for that – that’s where the money for the big prize comes from. However, casual players will probably enjoy regular machines that have smaller jackpots more.

Still, we are not saying that you should never play progressive slots. If you are looking for a life-changing win, then progressives are the best way to do it. But keep in mind that those wins happen incredibly rarely, and you are more likely to win the lottery.

Play with money that you can afford to lose

Under no circumstances should you gamble with your rent or utility money. If you do, then you may have a gambling problem and should seek help. You will lose most of the time when playing slots, so that’s why you should always gamble with funds that you can afford to lose.

Give Video Poker a try

Video Poker has a lot in common with classic slots, but you get a bigger payback percentage, and you can implement a different strategy in the hopes of having a greater chance of winning. Still, not everyone fancies Video Poker, but some people instantly fell in love with it, so give it a try at least.

Keep it slow

Some gamblers spin the slots more than 600 times in an hour. However, the more you spin, the more money you give to the casino due to the house edge. That’s why our advice is not to rush and only enjoy the game. You can also speak with other gamblers sitting next to you or enjoy a drink in-between. You will spend more time at the casino by slowing down your playing speed.

Don’t gamble at airport slot machines

The worst thing that you can do is to play the airport slots. They are some of the worst gambling options for players, and you should avoid them at any cost. It’s better to wait for a little and play at the actual casino than to waste your money with these machines.

Deciding the Bankroll Beforehand

Players need to think through their strategy even before entering the casino, and that includes choosing the amount of their bankroll. It’s vital that you can afford to lose this money, so always start with the assumption that you will lose it. That way you definitely won’t overspend. Another one of our slot machine tips is to have only your bankroll at your disposal when playing at a casino slot machine.

Knowing About the Different Slot Machine Types

Most players aren't even aware that there are different slot machine classes, but they should because many casinos use slots of class II instead of class III.

The class III slots are also known as Vegas machines, and class II are simply imitations of them. They may look and play like the classic Vegas slots, but they are not the same. Class III machines need to have a Random Number Generator if they are regulated by a gambling jurisdiction so that each spin is completely random and the machine can’t be rigged.

However, class II devices don’t have to oblige this law and can get away with it due to being based around bingo. Another negative of class II machines is that they aren’t random, so the gamblers are playing against the casino as well. Also, it’s theoretically possible to win the jackpot during each spin you make when playing on class III machines, but that’s not the case with class II ones.

Only Play at Regulated and Independently Overseen Casinos

This tip is connected to the last one because you will stumble upon class II slots at unregulated casinos. Americans can find such machines at Indian gaming reservations where not all state regulations are applicable. These casinos are self-regulated, so we would advise that you look for ones which are monitored by a third party.

Divide Your Bankroll into Smaller Amounts

After you are done with choosing the amount of your bankroll, you should separate it into smaller parts which are also known as session bankrolls. In order to do that, you will need to calculate how much time you will spend at the casino. If you want this strategy to be successful, you will need to separate the whole amount into equal parts and only carry with you the money that will be required for a specific session. A fundamental principle is to leave at the planned time, not overstay, and only bring the money that you will need. That is one of the most important slot machines tips on how to win at slots that we can give you.

Limit Your Playing Time for the Session

Another important factor is the playing time for each gambling session. You need to know that the maximum recommended amount is two hours, and the minimum amount for a break between the sessions should be 30 minutes.

These rules aren’t set in stone, and players are free to decide for themselves, but this is an aspect of gambling that should not be overlooked.

Picking the Best Bonuses, Promotions, and Machines

The best online casinos offer promotions and welcome bonuses to the customers.

Many casinos know how great slots are for the gambling business, so that is why they want to focus on them. A way to do that is by offering promotions and welcome bonuses to the customers. That’s why you need to compare these offers when choosing your preferred casino. There are different rewards and prizes, so you need to pick the ones that suit your gambling style the best.

Always Consider the Speed of Play 

Most slot machines are now faster than they were before, which is ideal for the casino because they increase their profits from more spins. That’s why the best advice we could give you is to play at a slower pace. Using the speed up button will get you nowhere, so simply enjoy each spin and don’t overdo it.

Don’t Bet the Maximum Amount Unless You Have To 

You can put different amounts of coins in slot machines, but our suggestion is not to play with the maximum amount except when that is the requirement for winning the jackpot. Most of the time, games like video slots will offer payments which are proportional to the coins that you put into the machine, so you won’t get an additional bonus if you play with the maximum amount.

That is another reason why you should pay attention to what the machine is. It’s not wise to just start spinning the exact moment you sit down. Always study the payout tables, bonuses, specials, and jackpot requirements. If you don’t need to play the maximum amount of coins to win the jackpot, then don’t do it.

Keep in Mind the Denomination and the Payback Percentage

Regardless the fact that a Random Number Generator defines outcomes of class III machines, you shouldn’t think that the payback percentage isn’t pre-determined. We mentioned that the most common rate for slot games is between 80% and 99%.

However, it’s difficult for gamblers to figure out what the exact payback percentage is. But they can find which machine gives the best payouts by comparing the denomination. Machines with high denominations will usually offer a high payback percentage. That’s also why you shouldn’t bet the maximum amount except when you can win the jackpot with it.

Final Verdict on How to Win at Slots

Slot machines are universally liked because you don’t need to have any skills in order to play them. However, many people don’t understand the essentials of slot machines. You can calculate the odds on most of the other gambling games, but that’s not the case with slots. Players usually don’t have a clue when it comes to slot machine payouts. The payback percentages in America are different in each state, for example, the minimum payout in Nevada is 75%, and in Atlantic, it is 83%. Hopefully, after reading our slot machine tips on how to win at slots, you know some of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

You shouldn’t expect to make millions of slot machines, but a nice profit is possible if you follow some of the ground rules. Always try to find promotions, bonuses, and special jackpots because that is the only way for you to overcome the house edge.

Don’t rush when playing slots and always start by creating a dedicated bankroll which is then separated into smaller parts. You will take with you only the amount that you will need for the particular gambling session. That way you definitely won’t overspend because you won’t have any additional money available.

However, the most important thing when playing slots is to enjoy the experience. It’s unlikely that you are going to come out of the casino a big winner, so just try to have fun while you are there.

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